A Sure Way to Sell More To Your Customers

Knowing, And Then Selling To A Prospect’s Or Customer’s Wants and Needs Is A Sure Way To Success

Let’s take a look at your business enterprise. When someone does business with you the first time, what happens during the transaction?

Do you just sell them the product or service they came to buy?

Or do you find out more about them? What their business is. How they intend on using the item they purchased. What other related products or services they might need or be interested in. How many family members, employees or associates they may have that might enjoy the same benefits those products or services provides.

What about any other important or pertinent information that you can use later on to help create additional purchases from them, or referrals of their associates?

The more complete and comprehensive the information in your customer database is, the more you can target their individual needs according to the four basic motives, and the more closely you can tailor your correspondence to them and their feeling of being “different” than anyone else.

A good place to begin, if you don’t already have a system in place, is by looking over the “MacKay 66,” (http://www.harveymackay.com/pdfs/mackay66.pdf) found in Harvey MacKay’s great book, Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive.customer wants service

You don’t have to go to the extent that MacKay went to, and use all 66 questions, but his list will at least give you a starting point to develop your own list of critical questions.

Once you have this information and have entered it into your database, you’ve got to do something with it. It’s not enough just to have it. You must use it.

So, first up…

If you do not have a database of clients…get one…even if it’s putting information into an excel spreadsheet. Just start capturing and recording information about your clients.

Don’t be overwhelmed with the options of electronic systems, there are many and that’s a whole other detailed subject…just start…

If you already are collecting information…are you capturing enough about your clients to really paint a picture of who they are, what their wants, needs, desires are? Do you know how you can better serve them and how to personalize and show you care?

This week consider whether there is other important information you would like to capture and start collecting it.

And stay tuned…for your next instalment…

“Love ‘em and Leave ‘em”… An All Too Familiar Scenario!

And how you could be unknowingly missing great opportunities to sell more, more often!

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