Marketing Strategy # 4: Make Your Advertising Efforts an Investment Not a Cost!

Direct-Response Advertising: Change your advertising efforts from cost into investment

Nearly every advertisement or promotion you see today is what’s known as “institutional” or “image” advertising. That is, the ads promote the image of a particular product, service or business.

Now, here’s a hard and cold fact: People, your customers… couldn’t care less about you or your image, your company or its image, your sales quotas, or whether or not you’ll be in business this time next month. Not, at least, until you show them how your product or service can benefit them.

Make Every Dollar You Spend on Promotions Count!

Image advertising may be okay for very large organisations that just want to create or maintain name recognition in the marketplace, but if you own a small or mid-size business, you most likely can’t afford that luxury. You have to make every dollar you spend on promotions count.

The best way to do that is with “direct-response” advertising. This kind of advertising focuses on the customer or prospect, and shows them how to solve their problems with your products or services.

Get Your Customers and Prospects Emotionally Involved

Direct-response advertising is designed to get your customers or prospects to become emotionally involved and to take a certain action… such as, call for more information, send in a response card or make a direct purchase.

With standard, institutional ads, you have no way of knowing how effective your ads are because you have no way of measuring how many people respond to them.

So, you have no way of calculating the actual cost of the ad. That’s not good.

Always Measure the profitability of Your Advertising

On the other hand, because direct-response ads require a person to take a specific action, they have an automatic built-in method of measurement, and you can measure whether or not it is profitable to run that ad again, or if it needs to be changed to be more effective.

Direct-response ads can be integrated effectively into the marketing efforts of nearly any business, and can take the form of mail order, newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and telemarketing.

Each of the components of a direct-response ad can be measured and tested separately so you can determine which combination of headline, opening statement, body copy, offer, guarantee, etc. works best.

Here are three simple, but not conclusive guidelines that can help you get the most from your direct-response ads:

  • Create an attention-getting, emotional-based, benefit-oriented headline.
  • Start small and test each component separately. Only increase the size of the ad gradually as you determine which combinations work the best.
  • Offer a free gift for responding. Make sure the offer has a highly perceived value to the reader, listener or viewer. Consider things such as special reports, CD, booklets, introductory seminars or initial consultations.

Remember that the only reason you ever run an ad… any type of ad,  is to evoke an immediate and qualified response from your customers or prospects.

Know Immediately if Your Adverts Working…don’t waste time and money!

target with resultsYou want and need this feedback, and you need it now, not six months from now. How else are you going to know if you should continue running this particular ad, or if you should change some component of it?

You’re in business to make a profit, not just to tell others about your wonderful products. Your ads have to work. They must work. They must produce results that can be translated into dollars.

Make Your Advertising an Investment, Not a Cost…

Change your advertising efforts from a cost into an investment… a profitable investment with a measurable return, by changing all your advertising and promotional efforts to direct-response. It can add significantly to your bottom line, and will be one of the best moves you can make.

So…that’s the 4 strategies!

In conclusion…

Don’t Expect to Remain in Business, let alone Grow Your Business without Effective Marketing

Marketing… effective marketing doesn’t have to be difficult to be productive. But it must be done. If you fail to market, or if you market ineffectively, you can’t expect to remain in business very long, let alone grow your business.

With the tremendous increases in technology, and labour and materials availability, more and more businesses are finding it difficult to maintain any type of competitive advantage because of their products or prices. For your business to prosper and grow, you need to aggressively engage in effective marketing practices.

If the products and services you offer to your customers and prospects are really worthy of their hard-earned money… if they really will provide a benefit to them… then you, as a business owner, owe it to yourself, your employees, your suppliers and your customers to learn as much as you can about the marketing strategies that work in today’s competitive business environment.

You then have an obligation to see that as many people as possible take advantage of the wonderful benefits your products and services can provide for them.

If What You Sell is Great and Helps…You have an Obligation

And, you have an obligation to do it as cost-effectively as possible so more people can afford them and so your business can remain in business to serve even more people.

Now you’ve learned four strategies, over the past few weeks! Strategies that can be implemented immediately and help you get on the road to making your business more successful and profitable.

Study them. Tailor them to fit your operation. Then apply them. They won’t do you or anyone else any good unless you put them to work.

Finally, learn all you can about results-producing, lead-generation marketing. Become a student. Apply the concepts and strategies to your business, and watch it grow!

If, for some reason you don’t have the time or desire to learn the latest marketing techniques, don’t just drop the ball. Your business and your customers are too important.

Make sure you find a qualified consultant that can help you analyse your business, decide which strategies will work best for you, then set in motion a systematic plan that will help you take your business easily to the next level.

The four strategies we’ve shared will start you on your way. Apply them in your business, and your competition won’t stand a chance!



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