Become a ‘Want Creator’ and become the only logical choice in your market!

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Cater To Peoples’ Differences, And You’ll Win Customers For Life

Here’s the thing…

People are all different. Yet…really…they’re all the same.

“How can that be? How can they be different, but still the same, at the same time, you ask”

Here’s what I mean…

People all want to be viewed as different, special, unique.

They want to feel as though their needs are different than anyone else’s. That the answers to their problems are different than their neighbour’s. And that they require special attention and special solutions.

Dr. Murry Banks, the popular New York psychologist, says that all buying springs out of four basic motives or wants:

  1.  To live longer and better
  2. A feeling of importance – respect, power, prestige, admiration
  3. To be appreciated
  4. A desire for variety or change

Even though people all view themselves as different, they are really the same in that the four buying motives appeal to everyone.

With regard to motive number two, Dr. Banks cites the example of a little boy at the pool who shouts to his mum, “Watch me, mum, watch me!”

And while grown-ups don’t act in the same manner as the little boy, they do the same thing with their big cars, furniture, homes, jewellery, etc. There’s really not much difference between children and adults… just in the methods.

So, understanding human nature is critical if you’re in business. Once you understand what your customers’ wants are, you can become a “Want Creator,” rather than a “Needs Satisfier.”

And when you become the one ‘Want Creator’ with the only logical and viable solution to your prospects’ and customers’ wants, you’ve just set yourself up for unlimited success. And you have effectively eliminated your competition and are on the road to becoming the dominating force in your marketplace.

Post your ideas on how you might become a ‘Want Creator’ for your customers and get feedback and suggestions back…


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Knowing, And Then Selling To A Prospect’s Or Customer’s Needs Is A Sure Way To Success

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