Lumpy Mail Gets Your Clients Attention Through the Clutter!

When it comes to your gravy, lumps are bad. When it comes to getting your marketing message through the mail room, past the gate keepers, and onto your client’s desk, lumps are just the ticket.

Lumpy mail is a direct mail piece or package with some dimension to it. I’m sure you know what I mean…you know when you get a letter in the mail that has something inside the envelop.

Your curiosity is piqued, and you’re thinking, “I wonder what’s in here” and you rip it open enthusiastically before everything else. You get it right? The whole point is you just can’t ignore a piece of lumpy mail, and neither can your clients and prospects.

These days it’s getting harder and harder to cut through all the advertising clutter so sometimes you need to up the ante and make a real statement. Lumpy Mail screams notice me, open me.

A campaign using Lumpy Mail can give your marketing message centre stage attention. Of course, you’ve still got to deliver the performance. But half the battle is getting your audience to pay attention, right?

How to run a lumpy mail campaign

Go to your core marketing messages. You core point of difference or benefit. The primary things you promote when you want to tell your prospects why they should hire you.

Now think of some unique ‘Lumpy Mail items, that you can use to help communicate your point. And then you tie it into your message for example…We’ll jump through hoops to get your business – the hoola hoop. We’re the key to your success – a box of keys or a key. We provide total solutions – a box of Total brand cereal.

We’ve got the tools to help you get the job done – a box of play tools. It’s really important that you create a strong image and tie in (or metaphor) for the message your aiming to communicate. Again knowing your market, using something relevant that matches the market is key – so make sure you seek the right advice here.

No One Hit Wonders! Repetition is Key

Like any good direct mail campaign, repetition will improve your results. For us the magic number is three. With any promotion, we recommend at least 3 touches to maximise response and results. We recommend looking at three installments in your campaign. If done correctly this will usually leave the recipient eager follow whatever call to action you request at the end of the campaign.

Ask for the Next Step

If you want your client to call your office, to take your call, visit your website, attend a workshop, you must make it painfully clear what action you want them to take.

Most of your competitors aren’t using Lumpy Mail – so this might be your ‘get one up’ advantage to get a bigger share in your market.

Lumpy Mail breaks down the barriers and often in situations where you’ve not been able to get potential clients attention you can have them eagerly returning calls,making appointments and taking action. You see people just don’t get this kind of attention and they want it.

More than ever your prospects crave two things – content and contact. A lumpy mail campaign has the potential to deliver both with a bang.

Enjoy and good luck! Make your marketing spend count…get noticed and stand out from your competitors.

And please…if you need some extra tips on how to do this, simply join us on Facebook and post your question…we’d love to share tips so everyone in our community can benefit. And next week I’ll even share a template on Facebook so you really can take action on this one!

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