The Bottom Line of all Businesses is: Make A Profit!

The Bottom Line of all Businesses is: Make A Profit!

It’s the whole reason a business exists in the first place. It sounds nice for someone to say that the reason they’re in business is to help other people, or to provide some needed service…yet in the end the real bottom line is that you, the business owner, wants and needs to realise a profit on your investment.

Profits drive businesses. It is the profits that allow you to provide more goods and services, create more jobs and expand the economy. And if you’re a philanthropist, it’s profits that allow you to continue giving and providing relief and humanitarian service to others.

Many factors affect profits…

Without clients buying what you sell you would simply not be a business.

If you expect to remain in business for any length of time, or to grow, you must master the skill of getting customers to do business with you.

Including new customers; current or existing clients; and past clients…you know the ones that have done business before, but have taken their business elsewhere.

It’s all about “marketing.”

Marketing is the process to get customers. Unfortunately for many businesses, this process, as critical as it is to the success of the business, is one of the tools business owners least understand.

Marketing… effective marketing… the kind that produces enquiries about your offer. Marketing that adds customers, increases your profits.

And it is not just a matter of placing a couple of ads in the newspaper or sending out some mailings.

And it’s not creating a beautiful brochure that describes the company, the CEO or manager and the products and services offered by your business.

We’re talking about results-producing marketing… the kind you want for your business… it’s a combined and coordinated effort of a number of factors.

I can hear you thinking…”But what about the economy? Doesn’t that have something to do with how a business approaches marketing?”

Well, it certainly does, there’s no question about it. The economy, and how it’s performing, does have a real impact on businesses and how they should approach their marketing efforts.

This is exactly where a lot of businesses get in trouble.

When the economy is down, most businesses stop, or drastically slow down their marketing efforts.

Then, without new customers coming on board, existing customers making repeat or additional purchases, and past customers returning, the company’s business drops off even further.

Fewer customers making purchases automatically translates into less profits. Less profits, of course, means less available funds for marketing, and before you know it a vicious cycle develops with a downward trend.

When times are tough, it is not the time to cut back on your marketing efforts.

Let this be the costly mistake other businesses make! You see, people still have the need or the want for your products and services.

Smart business owners capitalise in an economic downturn!

So, when other businesses are cutting back, that’s the ideal time for you to forge ahead, and increase your marketing efforts. It’s the one time you will have the least competition for your customer’s attention.

On the other hand, when times are good… when the economy is booming, good marketing… effective marketing, can blow the socks off your competition.


Because your competition doesn’t understand the difference between the marketing they’ve always used, and high-impact marketing that’s accountable and that produces results.

The fact is, if they keep on doing the kind of marketing they’ve always done, and you move on to more effective types of marketing, they don’t stand a chance.

Marketing can consist of many forms. Some involve money, some involve personnel and some involve a certain commitment of time. Some work well in good economic times, and others work better in a down economy.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing four good, useable marketing efforts that work well in any economic climate – so stay tuned!

These strategies can be put to work in your business today, and help move your business forward regardless of the economy or your available financial resources.

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With a smile,

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